2019 Contest

2019 Rash Award in Fiction


Matt Yeager of Edmond, Oklahoma, for “Lake Peigneur”

Honorable Mentions

Stephanie Dupal of Woodbridge, Virginia, for “Yields of Harvest”

Victoria Shannon of Cold Spring, New York, for “Kith and Kin”

Additional Finalists

Nik Bristow of Charlotte, North Carolina, for “Gail Patena’s New North Star”

Ann S. Henderson of Bronx, New York, for “Lucindy and John Henry”

Catherine Moore of Franklin, Tennessee, for “Grave Witching”

Duncan Smith of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, for “Reunion”

Bill Smoot of Berkeley, California, for “Clearing the House”

John Thomson of Penn Valley, California, for “Julian’s Army”

C.D. Watson of Cashiers, North Carolina, for “Decoration Day”


2019 Rash Award in Poetry


Jenn Blair of Winterville, Georgia, for “Blood Mountain”

Honorable Mentions

Peter Bergquist of Los Angeles, California, for “At the Beach”

John Blair of San Marcos, Texas, for “Under the Volcano”

Patricia L. Hamilton of Jackson, Tennessee, for “Ghost Planes”

Luke Hankins of Asheville, North Carolina, for “Synapse”

Additional Finalists

Sarah Carey of Gainesville, Florida, for “Meanwhile, America Is Losing Its Memory”

Roger Craik of Ashtabula, Ohio, for “Waverly Street”

John Davis, Jr. of Riverview, Florida, for “Ode to Southern Gray”

John Forbis of West Park, New York, for “Vapors”

Robert Hill of Westminster, South Carolina, for “Seascape”

Michael Kreger of Denver, Colorado, for “New Mexico, 5:43 AM”

Stacey Z Lawrence of South Orange, New Jersey, for “Lisa”

Betsy Littrell of Coronado, California, for “Backwash”

Kevin J. McDaniel of Pulaski, Virginia, for “Eye of a Needle”

Stephany Newberry-Davis of Leicester, North Carolina, for “Beasts and Bloodlines”

Ilari Pass of Greensboro, North Carolina, for “Planted: From the Mind of a 7 Year-Old”

Barry Peters of Durham, North Carolina, for “Riptide”

James Ramsey of Greensboro, North Carolina, for “Under the Haze of Oldest Mountains”

Greg Rappleye of Grand Haven, Michigan, for “Detox”

Linda Neal Reising of Poseyville, Indiana, for “Horsman”

Shana Ross of Woodbridge, Connecticut, for “Whose Side Are You On?

Maureen Sherbondy of Durham, North Carolina, for “Going Home”

Mark Simpson of Clinton, Washington, for “Illuminated Building, Darkening Cave”

Rachel Sobylya of Katy, Texas, for “Elegy for Handwriting”

Max Stephan of Orchard Park, New York, for “Clearing Out the Bomb Shelter, 1979”

Bob Wickless of Reidsville, North Carolina, for “The Only Image Left in the Camera from My Mother’s Visit to Yosemite in the Summer of 1938”

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