2021 Contest

The Broad River Review is proud to announce the winners, honorable mentions, and finalists for the 2021 Rash Awards in Fiction & Poetry. Thanks to all entrants, as well as to our judges, David Joy and Catherine Carter.

Fiction Winner

Alan Sincic, “The Sinkhole”

Fiction Honorable Mentions

Thomas Maya, “The Biggest Splash”

John Thomson, “My Father One Night”

Finalists in Fiction

Benjamin Chappelow, “Blackdamp”

Jim Gish, “A Slave to the Monkey Man”

Summer Hammond, “At the Top”

Kendall Klym, “Reading Lint”

Brodie Lowe, “The Upper Room”

Carol Luther, “Unquiet Spirits”

Catherine Malcynsky, “Have You Seen this Dog?”

Lane Osborne, “Gallop”

Michele Parker Randall, “The Waiters”

Poetry Winner

John Blair, “Eclogue 4: The Woodpecker”

Poetry Honorable Mentions

Mary Christine Delea, “I’m Faster Than My Brothers”

Terri Kirby Erickson, “The Letter”

Leah Claire Kaminski, “Flung Girl”

Maxine Patroni, “Ode to Leavening”

Poetry Finalists

George Bandy, “The Ever Changing City & Life, 1938”

Michael Beadle, “My Mother’s Rock Collection”

Camille Carter, “Georgia O’Keeffe, From the Faraway, Nearby, 1937”

Kenneth Chamlee, “Vision”

Sharon Charde, “Almost”

Stephany L.N. Davis, “Prayer for My Niece”

Mary Alice Dixon, “Hungry Love Seeks Dressy Dimestore Woman”

Hollie Dugas, “Picasso’s Last Poem to Dora Maar”

Robert Fillman, “Melting Point”

Mark Henderson, “Hercules in Fugue”

Elizabeth W. Jackson “Three Gardenias”

Sheree La Puma, “Driftless”

Margaret Marcum, “Steam”

S.B. Merrow, “Heaven Gives Its Glimpses”

Sally Stewart Mohney, “Wearing My Pale Life”

Ruby Murray, “Davis Peak Road”

Ryan Nelson, “Trolling the Dam at Night”

Michele Parker Randall, “Hermeneutics”

Duncan Smith, “Paper Is”

Claire Scott, “We Are Not Given More Than We Can Handle”

Jo Barbara Taylor, “Chenille”

Randolph Thomas, “Cypress Cones”

Charles Wheeler, “Heir Apparent”

Bob Wickless, “Monarchs in September”

Nancy Womack, “The Brothers Wyeth”

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