2022 Contest

The results of the 2022 Rash Awards in Fiction and Poetry have been announced, judged by Maurice Carlos Ruffin and Virgil Suarez, respectively.

Maureen Sherbondy of Durham, North Carolina, is the 2022 Rash Award in Fiction winner for her story “Rules of the Rich.”

Stephen Benz of Albuquerque, New Mexico, is the 2022 Rash Award in Poetry winner for his poem “Uncle Jerry, Missing in Action.”

2022 Rash Award in Fiction

Winner & Honorable Mentions

Maureen Sherbondy “Rules of the Rich” WINNER
Terry Hall Bodine, “The Burn” HONORABLE MENTION
Hannah Wells, “Or Something Like That” HONORABLE MENTION

Other Finalists

Glenn Armocida, “Pinned”
Jim Gish, “The River of Light”
Chad Gusler, “Man of Sorrows”
Annette Leavy, “The Free Temple”
Emily Mathis, “Baddies”
Kai Mawougbe, “F3”
Ray Morrison, “The Man Who Got Away”

2022 Rash Award in Poetry

Winner & Honorable Mentions

Stephen Benz, “Uncle Jerry, Missing in Action” WINNER
Hollie Dugas, “Self Portrait as a Swiss Army Knife” HONORABLE MENTION
Claire Scott, “Still Life with Tennis Racquet” HONORABLE MENTION
Ann Weil, “Sonnet While Waiting for the Hurricane” HONORABLE MENTION

Other Finalists

George Bandy, “Counting Back”
Peter Bergquist, “Basements”
Terry Hall Bodine, “Paper Boats”
Kathleen Calby, “Harvest of Ice”
Camille Carter, “Feet of Clay”
Kenneth Chamlee, “Random Hours I Look at the Clock”
Stephany L.N. Davis, “The Unmoving”
Robert Fillman, “On Rembrandt’s A Lady and Gentleman in Black
Katherine Gaffney, “Notre Dame, 1994”
Patricia L. Hamilton, “Idol Worship”
Rosa Lane, “The Victorian Dissident”
Cathlin Noonan, “Setting the Record”
Anna Laura Reeve, “Flower Moon”
William Snyder, “Call Me Pain for a Little While Longer”
Matthew J. Spireng, “Flight 5585, Bozeman to Chicago”
Victoria Twomey, “Paradise”
Bob Wickless, “Words for Nikola Tesla”

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